Ready to Air specialises in securely streaming video content to the world’s media.

We deliver pre-transmission material and live press conferences to journalists, wherever they are.

Ready to Air services generate savings through replacing check disks and press conferences with high quality on-line content. By eliminating the need for packaging and delivery, the service helps to reduce carbon emissions.

The Ready to Air platform has been developed with the convenience of both publicists and media in mind. We work with broadcasters, studios, home entertainment and production companies. A host of functions and 24/7 support ensure your media will be able to access content whenever they need to.

Advanced administrator features provide you with control, tracking and communication tools to give you the most efficient way of safely delivering content before it is transmitted.

Our interactive on-line press conference application is simple to set up and manage, and will extend the reach and impact of any live event. Newsmakers and journalists no longer need to be in the same room, or even on the same continent.

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